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The Pillow

A place to rest my weary head

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I am Canadian. I currently live in London, England, but I am originally from Toronto, Ontario Canada, born and raised. I have been living here in the UK for almost two years now, and as of January 1 2010, I will be heading back to Toronto. Moved back to London because of so much shit that happened to us from the moment we arrived back. Plus we missed living here <3 We are more happier here than we have ever been.

Newly wed, and new mother to a baby girl. Life couldn't get any better than this :) .

quick bio
I am the second of four kids my parents had. 2 girls and 2 boys in that order. my parents split when i was younger, and i haven't seen my father in years. much to my "dismay".
i used to work in the food industry and thinking maybe i might go back into it.
i also have another lj that is strictly for my recipes. that link is: artemis_recipes

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